VIRGIN Coconut Oil

9.99 USD


·         Free from cholesterol

·         Net weight:50ml

·         No chemical process or added chemicals

·         Pure natural coconut oil is solid below 25 degrees celsius.

          You can use a little hot water surround it for a while, then it melt. That is the characteristic of coconut oil.



·         Widely used in Salads,confectionary application as a central fat,ice cream  bar coating fat , frozen whipped topping , coffee  whiteners , baby food , geriatric food ,sauces , cakes , cookies etc. Nutrition health and wellness

·         Food processing & cooking

·         Beverage

·         Pharmaceuticals , cosmetics and skin treatments

·         Can be used as a food supplement - Regular consumption of Virgin  Coconut Oil helps to maintain your health. It will improve your immune system, and increase your energy levels.

·         Perfect cooking medium as a substitute 

·         makes an excellent skin moisturizer & hair conditioner

·         Oil pulling with coconut oil can whiten your teeth, make your breath fresher and lead to massive improvements in oral health.


Package included: 

·         1x Pure Coconut Oil (50ml)